Tanhouse Lane, Widnes

Main contractor: Russell Construction

This project comprised Enabling works for redevelopment of former industrial premises ahead of construction of 145 privates and affordable houses.

Project Overview

The site comprised approximately 4.2Ha of former industrial land covered with hardstandings. Underlying soils were impacted with a range of contaminants including Petroleum range and Polycyclic-Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, Asbestos Containing Materials, Spent Alum Shale and the regionally significant Leblanc process waste – Galigu. Chandos broke out all slabs and relict foundations. All suitable hardstandings were processed to form recycled aggregates including certified 6F2, MOT 1 and pipe bedding.

Soils were re-engineered to achieve a demanding a geotechnical specification. Suitable site won soils were excavated and stockpiled for use in garden areas. A zero cut fill balance was achieved and no materials were disposed of offsite saving the client huge sums of money.

Our Approach

Chandos was retained on a fixed price. During the remediation works significant volumes of additional contamination and obstructions were encountered that were not identified by the site investigation. Chandos dealt with all these issues without any quibble or delay to programme. This project was delivered on time and budget to the satisfaction of the local authority and overseeing consultant.